by | Dec 10, 2022 | News

Once again, children from the JUNJI garden network had the privilege of witnessing the play as an initiative of the company to bring a message of awareness of environmental care to early childhood children.

During the past two weeks, the functions that Globalpesca organized for kindergartens in the JUNJI network were resumed. Let us remember that during the first semester, about 100 children from different kindergartens benefited from this initiative through the play called “El Mar de Mariana”, developed by the theater company “La Ventolera”, which has been transformed into a true success, since it captured the attention and, in turn, the participation of the children and members of the company.

On this occasion, around 150 children were able to witness and enjoy the magic of theater in the facilities of the Interactive Center for Games and Movement (CIJUM), in four days. Without a doubt, it is important to have been able to transmit to children a message that aims to raise awareness from an early age, regarding environmental care, of our environment and, in particular, of the seabed, which concerns us directly. At the end of the activity, Globalpesca decorated each child as Ambassadors of Sea Care.

This action, framed in the axes of Corporate Social Responsibility, responded to the expectations and the stated purpose, which was also valued by the directors and educators of each kindergarten.