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On Saturday, June 13, the funeral of Eduardo Infante de Tezanos Pinto, who died in that city, took place at the Parque del memoria Cemetery, located in Santiago.

Driven by his vision of the future and with a deep conviction, Eduardo Infante de Tezanos Pinto founded, in 2003, Globalpesca SpA., a proudly Magellan company dedicated to the extraction, processing and marketing of Deep Sea Cod, remaining in its general management until at the end of 2017. He was also president of the Magallanes Association of Deep Sea Cod Operators (AOBAC) and was an active part of the World Coalition of Legal Cod Operators (COLTO), in addition to being a member of the Management of this species and permanently collaborate with sectoral authorities.

With a humble beginning that included just a boat and a small fishing quota, this pioneer of industrial cod fishing in Chile was always characterized by being hard-working, persevering and determined, close to his collaborators and with a great dream in particular… to transform Globalpesca in the largest cod company in the country, which he achieved over the years, always with the help of his unconditional life partner, Patricia Larraguibel, with whom he formed a beautiful family of eight children.

Recognized as a man passionate about the sea, he worked tirelessly to grow the company, and along with it his collaborators, clients and communities. His inevitable trips aboard the boats before each departure to wish the crews a prosperous fishing job will be etched in the minds of many, and upon their return, it was common to see him go back to the port to, with gratitude, receive them after several months in different fishing areas. In the office, it was not unusual for him to pass by each workstation every morning, saying good morning with a broad smile and wishing everyone a good day at work. His door was never closed and he always had a word of encouragement for anyone who needed it.

Today Globalpesca has a fleet of three modern vessels and more than 600 direct and indirect collaborators, who carry out their work daily under the auspices of the values promoted by its partner and founder, where what stands out above all is the pleasant family atmosphere and camaraderie that they have managed to develop their different work teams, in addition to respect and integrity; honest, direct and open treatment in all its links; the discipline and self-criticism present in its workers; job security and the development of a social responsibility policy that has allowed us to promote innovative projects with the regional scientific, academic and artistic community, strengthening ties with the inhabitants of Punta Arenas through various social activities, delivering certified products to all clients with the highest quality; always promoting care for the environment and publicly rejecting illegal fishing, both key factors to guarantee the sustainability of the resource.

The above, without a doubt, constitutes part of his great legacy and as globalpesqueños we deeply regret the early departure of Don Eduardo and, at the same time, we reaffirm our commitment, to continue with more strength than ever, with his mission, inspired by his vision. and in his incessant entrepreneurial spirit full of effort, humility and simplicity, virtues that made Globalpesca today the great company that it is.

“If you want to build a boat, don’t start by looking for wood, cutting the boards or distributing the work. It begins by first evoking in men and women the longing for a free and wide sea.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry