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Globalpesca SpA. gives the most sincere congratulations to the entire crew and staff of the factory ship “Globalpesca I”, in charge of Captain Henry Almonacid, for achieving a new fishing record in one day last Tuesday, March 19 with a total of 11,239 kilograms, also the one with the largest weekly catch with 54 tons.

This vessel set sail for national waters on March 5 to fish the quota allowed for the company in 2024. It arrived at the Prat Dock with more than 19 tons from the Atlantic. The fuel and supplies necessary for the coming months were loaded.

On this occasion, two scientific observers from the Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) also embarked, who are in charge of collecting data through sampling – in this case – toothfish. In this way, the necessary information is obtained, such as the type of species, size, weight, sex, and place of extraction to carry out actions that help protect marine resources.

Finally, at the beginning of April, this vessel, which is already carrying more than 149 tons of deepwater cod, is expected to call in to unload the product and set sail again.

Congratulations to each of the GP I crew!