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Globalpesca gave the go to the “Healthy Eating” project with the purpose of raising awareness about the health and well-being of workers, both on ships and in offices. This project will be developed in several interconnected phases.

In a first stage, medical examinations will be carried out voluntarily to evaluate the general health of the crew, thus identifying their specific needs and conditions by ship.

Then, in collaboration with a nutrition professional, talks will be given to the crew and a meal plan adapted to the food available on board will be designed, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet.

In parallel, a psychological workshop will be held focused on each individual’s personal relationship with food, providing strategies for a healthier and more conscious relationship with food.

During departures and landfalls, follow-up medical examinations will be performed – again on a voluntary basis – to evaluate progress and adjust the nutritional plan as necessary, thus maintaining continuous attention to the health of the crew.

Finally, the data collected throughout the project will be analyzed to evaluate its impact on the crew’s health, identifying areas for improvement and planning future actions to promote healthy eating.

The active participation of all team members is essential to achieve the proposed objectives and improve the quality of life at Globalpesca.


First Operation with Globalpesca III


The first operation of the project has been carried out successfully in the “Globalpesca III”, achieving a participation of 70%. This operation was carried out at the EPA polyclinic during the afternoon. We deeply appreciate each of the officers and crew members who voluntarily participated in this initiative.

The operation was carried out by Mónica Oyarzo, in charge of people management, together with the collaboration of Pablo Águila, the company’s risk preventionist. While the exams depended on Dr. Adolfo Zamora, medical director of the IST of Punta Arenas, together with Marco Ojeda, nurse.

“Some had risk factors, such as being smokers, others were overweight. Some high levels of hypertension were found and there are some people who have high blood glucose values, so the relevant tests were ordered to confirm in some way if they have a metabolic alteration. My general recommendation for everyone would be not to smoke, since this implies an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and always insist on a healthy diet, avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates, sugars and always maintain some physical activity,” said Dr. Zamora.